Short & Long Term Tree Care Planning

Planting, mulching, irrigating… when you are taking care of a lot of trees, it’s hard to get it all done.

Tree Care Planning by Certified Tree Care Experts

Our certified arborists are experts at designing both short- and long-term tree care plans. Proper planning will save you time and money while producing healthy trees that meet the needs of your stakeholders and make your life easier.

Homeowner associations (HOAs), municipal parks, and utility districts all face many challenges in maintaining large numbers of trees. Our certified tree care experts have the knowledge needed to grow healthy trees in the diverse conditions of Central Texas.

Planning and budgeting will be easier with the help of certified tree care professionals. Let our experts work with you to develop short and long-term planning for your tree infrastructure.

Trusted Local Commercial Tree Care Experts

  • Risk assessment for all older trees.
  • Pruning for safety, health, and aesthetics.
  • Health checkup on all trees and expert recommendations for soil improvement or restoration.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pests, disease, or malnourishment.
  • Renewing soil protecting mulch around all trees.

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Start with the basics for your long-term tree plan.

Create a yearly tree health care plan, with the help of a certified arborist.

  • We suggest an inventory and assessment of existing trees. Are there specific requirements you need to meet? These might include increasing species diversity, removing unhealthy trees, and improving growing conditions.
  • Next, you need to develop a long-term tree plan. This will include a careful selection of trees to match the “species to the site” and writing a maintenance schedule for pruning, mulching, Integrated Pest Management, and routine care.
  • Urban trees die at a rate of 5% to 15% percent each year. You should plant selected trees on a careful schedule to replace aging and failing trees.
  • A plan for dealing with future storm damage and needed recovery.

Commercial Tree Care Services

professional tree care health care photo

Health Care

Our experienced tree care crews have the equipment and training to get the job done, with minimal disruption to your schedule.

tree company risk assessment photo

Risk Assessment

You can trust the results of our Certified Tree Risk Assessors who have years of commercial experience and specialized training.

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Duty of Care Fulfillment

Protect yourself and your clients effectively. Our Certified arborists can provide a comprehensive scope of care program.

certified tree care short long term care planning photo

Short and Long Term Tree Care Planning

Trimming, soil restoration, and more—maintaining trees on commercial property is complicated. We have the tools, techniques, and training to do it all.

tree pruning removal tree maintenance photo

Tree Maintenance

Proper maintenance of trees is one of the best ways to prevent unnecessary injury or property damage. We provide a full range of commercial tree maintenance services.

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