Emergency Tree Service

Our safety-conscious, well-trained crews can handle any tree removal.

What to Do in a Tree Emergency

Windstorms, hail, or heavy rain can bring a tree or branches down on your house or car. Vehicles run into trees. Hidden decay or a lightning strike can cause a tree to split in two. When you need emergency tree service, you want some fast, reliable, and trained in handling delicate emergencies.

If trees or large branches are lodged in power lines or you smell smoke, call 911.

Call Heritage Tree Care to remove trees blocking your driveway or lodged on your roof. We have the equipment and experience to remove dangerous trees while keeping your property safe.

As soon as you safely can, take videos and photographs of the damage and call your insurance company.

Can Damaged Trees Be Saved?

After a storm, our professional care can save many trees that seem beyond repair.

We can evaluate your damaged trees, assess their condition, and make recommendations for restoration or removal.

Emergency Tree Service When You Need It

We always suggest saving a tree when feasible, but recommend removal:

  • If the tree is dead
  • It’s diseased and can’t be saved
  • When it is dangerous to life or property
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Do You Have a Dangerous Tree?

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their trees. Don’t delay; if you know about potentially hazardous trees and don’t do something, you can be liable.

Branches that could fall and cause injury or property damage should be removed. Trees may need to be trimmed away from buildings or to keep them out of streets, sidewalks, and utility lines.

When You Need Expert Tree Removal

Removing trees, especially large ones, requires experienced tree surgeons. This should only be done by crews trained and equipped to work safely on trees.

Our crews remove the dead tree and thoroughly clean up your yard. We can also grind the stump below the soil line to prepare your site for new landscaping opportunities.

Trust the Experts at Heritage Tree Care for Emergency Tree Service

When you need fast, qualified help after a storm or disaster, call Heritage Tree Care. Our well-trained, safety-conscious crews can handle tricky tree removal. Expert ISA Certified arborists professionally evaluate damaged trees and provide repair or removal services.

Residential Tree Care Experts

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Expert tree trimming to shape, maintain, and enhance the beauty, health, and safety of your trees.

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Experienced, safety-conscious tree removal and careful clean up after the job.

Health Care

Certified arborists assess your trees and provide the essentials for flourishing growth.

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Beautify your yard with trees selected for Central Texas and planted by professionals.

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Risk Assessment

Expert arborists evaluate your trees for health and safety and make care recommendations.

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We have the experience to help you comply with all Tree Protection regulations and permits.

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Emergency Tree Services

Storm damage, fallen limbs, tree collapse—call for expert help with removal or repair.


Our expert arborists provide evaluation, appraisals, and reporting.

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