Tree Health Care

When it is time for a health care check-up for your trees, our tree doctor can help.

Prevention is the Best Cure

Modern health care for trees focuses on prevention. By paying attention to some basic requirements, we keep trees healthy so you can avoiding calling a tree doctor.

Think of the tree as one part of its environment that includes air, sun, shade, plants growing nearby, water, and human interaction. These things affect their health.

For example, if you treat your lawn with typical weed and feed, it doesn’t just reach the grass and weeds, but also the tree roots. Too much fertilizer leads to weak growth, which attracts pests, and the herbicide damages your tree.

Trusted Tree Doctor Services

Our I.S.A. certified arborists come to your home and evaluate your trees. They love to answer questions and help you provide long-term health care for your landscape.

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6 Essentials of Tree Health

When we understand the basics, trees flourish.

1. Plant the right tree in the right place.

Avoid many problems by matching the best tree to the site. Does it need full sun? Not too much water? Does it even grow well in Central Texas?

2. Know that trees get stressed, too.

When this happens, the tree becomes susceptible to disease and pest problems and may eventually die. Proper care avoids the expense of costly tree removal and losing your valuable trees.

3. Understand the basic requirements of a healthy tree.

Soil is the literal ground they stand in. Avoiding soil compaction allows the roots to get air, water, and nutrients. Keep the soil aerated, full of organic material, and covered with just the right amount of proper mulch.

4. Provide the right amount of water.

Learn which species of trees are in your yard and how much water they need. Not too much or too little.

5. Monitor your trees’ health.

Regularly inspect them. Are your trees looking as good as other healthy examples of their species? If you’re not sure what to keep an eye on, consult a professional arborist.

6. Don’t allow a novice to prune your trees.

Tree trimming or pruning needs to be done at the right season, with the proper tools, and with a precise aim in mind. Only a certified arborist should do significant tree trimming.

Residential Tree Care Experts

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Expert tree trimming to shape, maintain, and enhance the beauty, health, and safety of your trees.

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Experienced, safety-conscious tree removal and careful clean up after the job.

Health Care

Certified arborists assess your trees and provide the essentials for flourishing growth.

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Beautify your yard with trees selected for Central Texas and planted by professionals.

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Risk Assessment

Expert arborists evaluate your trees for health and safety and make care recommendations.

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We have the experience to help you comply with all Tree Protection regulations and permits.

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Emergency Tree Services

Storm damage, fallen limbs, tree collapse—call for expert help with removal or repair.


Our expert arborists provide evaluation, appraisals, and reporting.

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