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We are happy to provide free estimates for pruning, removals, planting, emergencies, and risk assessments.

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Consultations are useful for assessing storm damage, diagnosing symptoms, planting recommendations, and planning for construction projects.

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Arborist consulting is $250/hour with a one-hour minimum.

Please call our office at (512) 921-8452 if you have any questions.

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Premium Tree Care Advice

Preventive tree care can save you thousands of dollars in treatment and possible removal. Expert arborists help your trees live longer, healthier lives and enhance the beauty of your landscape. Count on our professionals to have the answers to your tree-related questions.

What is a Tree Consultation?

Think of consultation as a health checkup for your trees. A certified arborist will come to your property to inspect and evaluate your trees. They will examine your trees from tip to soil, looking for symptoms and signs of disease, pest infestation, or injury. The arborist will diagnose problems and give you a written management plan to take care of your valuable trees. You are welcome to watch and ask questions.

What does a Free Estimate cover?

We are happy to visit your property and provide an estimate for the work you know you need. For instance, if you need trees trimmed, a stump ground, or a dead tree removed, we can provide you with an estimate and you don’t even need to be there. If the city has told you to set up tree protection zones prior to construction beginning, we can give you a price for that, too. Get in touch and tell us what you need and we will get you a price.

Can you come and tell me what is wrong with my trees?

Sure, we can evaluate your trees and diagnose what is wrong with a consultation. The soil may be compacted, the trees may have decay, or they may be suffering from a disease—it’s impossible to say without coming to assess them.

I have a new property and I don’t know what kind of trees to plant. Can you help?

Absolutely! Our arborists are knowledgeable about which trees do well in various locations in Central Texas. Book a consultation and we can come to your property, analyze the site and soil, discuss your needs, and offer recommendations. We can also plant your trees and set up a maintenance plan to help your new trees thrive.

We want to put in a new deck but there’s a big tree in the way. Our neighbor said we aren’t allowed to remove it. What can we do?

Your neighbor may be right. Certain trees are protected in some parts of Central Texas, depending on their size and species. You can visit the City of Austin info page for details on which trees are protected. If you need help determining the size or species of your trees, a tree consultation will answer all your questions.

Reliable ISA Certified Arborist Services

As authoritative arboriculture experts, we bring comprehensive tree care services to our clients. We are happy to visit your property and provide a free estimate for the work you know you need.

Our consultations provide valuable information about the overall condition of your trees and recommendations for maintaining or protecting them.

Heritage Tree Care is your premier Texas tree care service provider. Contact us today to speak with an ISA Certified Arborist.

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