Risk Assessment

Trees add to our environment and our outdoor enjoyment. Yet, they come with a duty of care, especially in public spaces.

Risk Assessment Basics

Certified arborists do tree risk assessments. It tests the likelihood that a tree will fail and cause damage and/or injury. It is part of the standard of care.

Tree risk assessment considers three factors:

  • What is the potential for tree failure?
  • Factors in the environment that can contribute to failure.
  • Potential targets; what’s in the way?

An experienced tree care professional, such as a Certified arborist looks at many things. He considers the tree species, growth habit, defects, the root system, and the growing conditions.

The arborist also considers the use of the site and discusses acceptable levels of risk with the property owner.

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A proper assessment identifies:

  • Exposed and damaged roots and mushrooms on root collars
  • Trunk cavities and fungi along the trunk and main stem
  • Splits or cavities
  • Dead or dying branches
  • Crown dieback
  • Other insect and disease issues

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Tree Inspections

A tree risk assessor examines the tree to determine its overall integrity. He recognizes hidden damage and can use specialized tools, including the Resistograph. This unique instrument reveals the inner life of the tree, including unseen decay.

He may find damage to walkways, driveways, foundations, water lines, and other structures.

An expert tree evaluation will produce a hazard rating. This helps organize pruning, removals, and other management activities. A risk assessment considers potential damage and the likelihood and results of tree failure.

Risk Management

Some trees pose an unacceptable risk and we recommend removal. Some times we can save a tree, but the final decision is up to the property owner.

Competent assessment requires a strong foundation in tree biology and years of experience. Heritage Tree Care’s specialized arborists have demonstrated professional knowledge. You can trust our I.S.A. Certified Tree Risk Assessors.

Commercial Tree Care Services

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Health Care

Our experienced tree care crews have the equipment and training to get the job done, with minimal disruption to your schedule.

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Risk Assessment

You can trust the results of our Certified Tree Risk Assessors who have years of commercial experience and specialized training.

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Duty of Care Fulfillment

Protect yourself and your clients effectively. Our Certified arborists can provide a comprehensive scope of care program.

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Short and Long Term Tree Care Planning

Trimming, soil restoration, and more—maintaining trees on commercial property is complicated. We have the tools, techniques, and training to do it all.

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Tree Maintenance

Proper maintenance of trees is one of the best ways to prevent unnecessary injury or property damage. We provide a full range of commercial tree maintenance services.

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