Armoring, Mulching, Soil Protection

Protecting trees during construction is essential. It’s required in municipalities with tree protection ordinances, and it makes good sense everywhere.

Construction Can Be Deadly to Trees

Avoid disappointed clients who are angry when valuable trees die from construction damage. Minimize the expense of treating or replacing trees with the services of an experienced local tree care service.

The focus of tree preservation is on prevention. Treating damaged trees is rarely successful.

Potential damage falls into two main parts:

  • Damage to the roots.
  • Physical damage to trunk, limbs, and crown.

Tree Protection Plans

  • Fencing and signs to protect the Critical Root Zone
  • Armoring; encircling the trunk with strapped-on planking to protect it from mechanical injury
  • Soil protection using mats to disperse the weight of machinery on the roots
  • Pre-construction care, which may include irrigation, fertilization, and pruning to boost trees resistance
  • Mulch up to 12 inches deep to protect the soil surface and reduce the potential for soil compaction
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Damaging the roots causes most problems

Bury them too deep, cut them, or compress the soil- and you will have problems. Physical injury to the roots occurs by cutting them during trenching, changing the soil grade and smothering the roots, and by soil compaction.

Trees may start declining within a few months or may not show signs for a few years, but the damage has been done.

Protect the trunk, limbs, bark, and leaves

A lot of injuries happen to the trunk and branches during the building process. Trucks and backhoes are notorious for backing into trees and gouging the bark.

Oaks are especially vulnerable to bark injuries, which allow Oak Wilt fungus to infect the tree. Heritage Tree Care often uses a physical barrier of armoring to protect valuable trees.

Flimsy nylon barriers are not enough to define the Critical Root Zone. You need to keep sturdy, well-marked fencing in place for the entire building process.

To save the trees, you can’t wait until construction begins, to create a plan to protect them. One of the most important jobs of the arborist is pre-construction planning.

Call us during the design phase to save trees, money, and frustration

In addition to working with you during the design, tree inventory, and assessment phases, we can provide a Tree Protection Plan.

When regulations include tree preservation, a professional tree care service can provide invaluable help in getting plan approval. Just as important, healthy trees standing tall in the Central Texas sky prove our methods work.

At Heritage Tree Care, we’re proud that our clients rely on us to provide expert arborist services for their development projects.

Tree Care Services by Experienced, Certified Arborists

Our staff of Master and Certified Arborists, Certified Tree Risk Assessors, and Tree Appraisers is ready to serve you.

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Beautify your yard with trees selected for Central Texas and planted by professionals.

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Tree Care Plans

Heritage Tree Care can develop short- and long-term plans to keep your trees healthy with less effort. We provide soil improvement, mulching, fertilization, and more.

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Armoring, Mulching, Soil Protection

We provide armoring to protect trees from mechanical injury, and place soil protection mats and mulching to protect the critical root zone.

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Design Support

Central Texas tree experts, we can consult on choosing the best native and non-native trees, evaluating existing trees, and mitigation plans.

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Risk Assessment

Expert arborists evaluate your trees for health and safety and make care recommendations.

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Health Assessment

Proper tree care starts with a health assessment. An arborist evaluates the health of your trees, starting with their environment.

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Pruning & Removal

Our experts can prune and shape valuable trees for both safety and aesthetic value. We have the equipment and experience to handle the most difficult tree removals.

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Pre- and Post-construction Fertilizing

Strengthen trees with proper irrigation and fertilizing before work begins. We also provide contracted post-construction tree care to increase tree survival.

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Root Pruning & Root Locating

Using modern tools and careful excavation, we can create root maps to facilitate placement of utilities, structural piers, or other aspects of the design.

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Expert certified arborists are available for consulting and providing detailed reports regarding tree protection, risk assessments, and value appraisals.

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