Residential Tree Permits

What You Need to Know About Heritage Tree Laws and Austin Arborists

Remodeling, landscaping, or adding an addition to your home?

If there are large trees in your yard, Tree Protection Regulations affect you.

Many cities, including Austin, have tree protection statutes. These laws preserve the beauty and natural resources of Central Texas.

Before you build, you need to know about Tree Protection Regulations. Which kinds of trees are included? Do you need a permit to remove a tree that’s in the way? How will this affect your project?

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Tree assessments, tree permits, and tree removal.

Getting a pre-construction visit from one of our Austin arborists will save you time, money, and preserve your valuable trees. While you’re in the planning stage of your project, call Heritage Tree Care for your consultation.

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Important facts about the Tree Ordinance

These rules apply only to large trees.

  • Measure four and one-half feet up from the ground.
  • Use a flexible tape to measure around the tree. This is the circumference.
  • Divide the circumference by 3.1416 to get the diameter.
  • 19 inches to 23 inches-it’s a Protected Tree
  • 23 inches and more- a Heritage Tree

A rough guide—if a person five and a half feet tall can barely reach around the trunk, it’s about 60 inches around with a 19-inch diameter.

I have Protected trees on my property. What does that mean?

  • All trees, eight inches and over, must be shown on a mandatory Site Plan.
  • If you have Protected or Heritage trees, you must apply for a Tree Review.
  • You must protect the Critical Root Zone (CRZ). For instance, the CRZ of an Oak with a 20-inch diameter extends 20 feet around the tree.
  • You can’t remove these trees without approval or remove over 25% of their canopy.
  • If a protected tree is too diseased or damaged to be saved, you need a permit to remove it.

Large trees — it’s wise to call a Certified Arborist for an assessment.

  • Heritage Tree Care provides tree assessments based on existing tree surveys from licensed surveyors.

  • Heritage Tree Care is familiar with complicated regulations.

  • Our arborists can identify which trees should be preserved and how to make your design work.
  • Cities often require a plan describing how you will protect the Critical Root Zone. We can provide a tree care plan which meets this requirement.

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Our expert arborists provide evaluation, appraisals, and reporting.

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