Design Support

A certified arborist knows the value of existing trees and can provide suggestions to protect them while maximizing design options.

Arborist Services for Design Support

Heritage Tree Care provides arborist services for landscape architects and designers during the pre-planning stage of a project. Contractors call us for early assessment and evaluation of existing trees and to prepare the tree inventory for the tree permitting process.

Understanding the Needs of Client, Designer, and Builder

Before beginning the design process, we recommend consulting an arborist to determine the health of each tree before building around them. Heritage trees are great, but it’s a big problem if you plan your project around them, and then they die.

We perform root crown inspections and aerial examinations as part of the risk assessment process. A certified arborist knows the value of existing treees and can provide suggestions to protect them while maximizing design options.


Certified Arborist Services

  • Streamline feasibility studies and provide design support.
  • Prepare reports for tree permitting applications.
  • Evaluate which trees are healthy and can be included in your final design.
  • Avoid tree damage while installing underground utilities, pouring flatwork, and installing irrigation.
  • Strengthen existing trees with preconstruction care and tree protection.
  • Provide an ongoing tree care and maintenance schedule.
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Trees are Low-maintenance, Not No-maintenance

Annual inspection and routine care of the trees and the condition of the soil encourages healthy trees and protects the landscape investment.

Heritage Tree Care is your local tree arborist service, and our staff has the most current scientific training and tools to evaluate and treat and prevent disease and pest problems.

We have developed fertilizers containing essential micronutrients and beneficial microbes for harsh Central Texas growing conditions. Our crews use the right amount of the proper mulch, which is critical for maintaining trees in our heat.

Our Experience Saves You Time and Money

Much like designers and contractors, hiring the right arborist tree service for the job is essential.

Heritage Tree Care regularly works with commercial developers, and our respected arborists know what you need to get your project done efficiently. Let our experience help you.

Tree Care Services by Experienced, Certified Arborists

Our staff of Master and Certified Arborists, Certified Tree Risk Assessors, and Tree Appraisers is ready to serve you.

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Beautify your yard with trees selected for Central Texas and planted by professionals.

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Tree Care Plans

Heritage Tree Care can develop short- and long-term plans to keep your trees healthy with less effort. We provide soil improvement, mulching, fertilization, and more.

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Armoring, Mulching, Soil Protection

We provide armoring to protect trees from mechanical injury, and place soil protection mats and mulching to protect the critical root zone.

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Design Support

Central Texas tree experts, we can consult on choosing the best native and non-native trees, evaluating existing trees, and mitigation plans.

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Risk Assessment

Expert arborists evaluate your trees for health and safety and make care recommendations.

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Health Assessment

Proper tree care starts with a health assessment. An arborist evaluates the health of your trees, starting with their environment.

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Pruning & Removal

Our experts can prune and shape valuable trees for both safety and aesthetic value. We have the equipment and experience to handle the most difficult tree removals.

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Pre- and Post-construction Fertilizing

Strengthen trees with proper irrigation and fertilizing before work begins. We also provide contracted post-construction tree care to increase tree survival.

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Root Pruning & Root Locating

Using modern tools and careful excavation, we can create root maps to facilitate placement of utilities, structural piers, or other aspects of the design.

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Expert certified arborists are available for consulting and providing detailed reports regarding tree protection, risk assessments, and value appraisals.

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